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This is a more detailed list is my educational experiences. I apologize for its length, but it seemed better to include all the classes and sort them well, than to arbitrarily select which classes to show. Schools are in reverse chronological order.

University of Michigan (Fall 1997 - Present)
Degrees received: Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering

My studies here have focused primarily on control theory, in many of its forms. This has involved a lot of theory, exposure to many forms of control and ideas about control, with in-depth study of the theory of discrete-event control and substantial research in human factors. This is largely what my work at the university has concentrated on.

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California Institute of Technology (Fall 1993 - Spring 1997)
Degrees received: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Graduating from Caltech remains one of proudest accomplishments, and I believe one of the most influential as well. There I was taught not only the necessities of engineering, but also given a strong background in mathematics and the sciences. In addition, I learned how to work very hard, and still find time to enjoy life, as I attempt to explain in the activities section of this resume.

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